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Laminate Rolls

Number of products from food and consumer goods go to market from Al Falak Packaging. Our main products in flexible packaging are: Mono Layer printed film, multi layer film up to 5 layers. Any customized products based on individual requirements can be furnished.


Type of Pouches

Center seal pouches, Three side pillow pouches, Side gusseted pouches, Stand up pouches, Boxed pouches(3D). Pouches are available with a choice of recloseable features such as regular zipper, slider zipper and Velcro fastener. Pouches can be supplied with one-way degassing valves like for coffee pouches, retort pouches- foil and non-foil based. For easy tear we can provide laser perforation in pouches.


Wrap Around Labels

AFP roll fed labels provide a unique wrap around that can be a fit to conform to your bottle design.

  • From a variety of designs to choose from including Transparent, Opaque white, Metalized to the offering of both rotogravure or flexo graphic printing.

  • Laminated or Mono layer for even greater cost savings.

  • High speed application.

  • Create eye catching graphics with excellent print performance.


Shrink Sleeve Labels

It is ideal for many industries like foods and beverages, dairy, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, personal care and promo packs. 

  • We offer sleeves in all types of shrink films(PVC, PET-G, OPS).

  • We offer sleeves in variety of inks and processes up to 9 colors.

  • We offer sleeves which can be supplied in roll form, cut form, sleeves with perforation and double pocket sleeves for promotional run.


Aluminium Foil Lids

Lid structure coated with heat seal lacquer.

1) Aluminium foil/ PP lacquer(common)

2) Aluminium foil/ PS lacquer(common)

3) Aluminium foil/ PE lacquer(common)

4) Aluminium foil/ PVC lacquer(common)

5) AL/Heat seal lacquer

6) PET/AL/Heat seal lacquer

Features of Aluminium foil for Yogurt Lid:

Excellent Strength glossy finish, high sturdiness


Non poisonous, Odorless, excellent tight performance and very easy peel.

Self Adhesive Labels

In a market heavily geared towards self-service, highly decorative labels play a key role. AFP uses the full range of printing and coating techniques to meet your highest requirements for distinctive product decoration, high quality pressure sensitive product labels which bring significant appearance and cost benefits in a highly competitive market. All kinds of colors, shapes, sizes and substrates for a wide range of industries including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, dairy products, personal and home care products.


Luxury Boxes

Fancy Box
"Packaging is making your product stand out from the competition."

HG Wells

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